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Register today for hundreds of event opportunities - whether you're a Vendor or a Venue, you can find your perfect trading partner!

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With our easy-to-search database of Vendors and Venues, you find people and places with just a few clicks... spending hours prospecting is a thing of the past!


Flexible event booking for everyone!  Plan your year ahead in full, or go event by event... our service fits your needs!

Why should Vendors join VBUK?

An easy-to-search database of Venues who want to host events

Send requests in just a few clicks... no more prospecting for hours!

Venues can see you on our website too, and can put in event invitations! Visit regularly for new offers and opportunities

We'll help guide you through any requirements Venues may have, to help make every event the best it can be. We're here to help you by email, phone and Live Chat!

Market yourself at events! You can get repeat business through building a relationship with Venue occupants

A flexible system to fit your business needs. You can book lots of events in advance or go booking-by-booking, however you like!


Optional extras to help save money on costs and maximise your potential sales!

  • enjoystevie occupant rewards, display this offer on your stall to entice occupants to your visit you at your event
  • Driving Down Fuel Cards help you save money on every litre of fuel you buy at Shell garages around the country
  • Fast and easy payments with the Dojo Credit Card Machine, allowing you to take card payments at events... comes with it's own receipt printer and next day payment settlements
  • Need help with your social media presence?  VBUK's preferred partner Gorilla Consulting can help!  Tailored social media packages, consultations and custom business logo design are available now
  • Create your perfect website with OBN Technology and get your business in the digital space!  Discounts across computer hardware and website design/management


*Prices displayed applicable from 1st January 2024. Prices displayed are VAT inclusive. Please see T&Cs for current pricing*

We're a Venue who want to host events, how can VBUK help us?

First off, VBUK for Venues is FREE to use!

An easy-to-search database of Vendors... no more hours of prospecting!  Find an interesting business, put in an offer and wait for their reply!  Vendors can even request to visit you too

We tailor each event to fit your Venue space... if you need Vendors to complete forms we'll organise that for you, along with any specific requirements.

Book and re-book your favourite Vendors... you can even plan your whole year's event calendar ahead and track it all through our website!

Want to host a fair or market?  We can do that too!  Let us know your requirements, we'll make it happen

Offers and rewards for your occupants, exclusively available through VBUK and our preferred partners